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Theory Test

You can book your theory test by ringing 0345 600 6700 or you can book it online at In order for them to book it they will require your driver number from your provisional license and you're debit or credit card details.  The current price is £23.00. Newry Centre is located at 12 John Mitchel Place opposite Newry Market.  Take along your appropriate form and your photo card driving license as visual proof of identity.

There are two parts to the driver theory test, both tests are computer based.

1. Theory - The theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions, you will be asked to pick one or in some cases two or three answers per question.  The pass mark is 43 or higher and it will last 60 minutes.

The highway code book and the official theory test for car drivers will help you to prepare for this part of the test.

2. Hazard Perception - Before starting this test a three minute interval is allowed after completing the theory part of the test.

The test consists of fourteen video clips featuring various types of hazard, with each clip lasting about a minute.  You will have to respond to each hazard by clicking on the 'mouse' as each hazard develops.  Up to five marks can be scored for each hazard.  The earlier the response is made , the higher the score.  It is not possible on this test to go back and change any response.

The hazard depicted are the types that would need a response from the driver such as changing speed or direction, or by taking some other form of action.

You are not penalised for clicking on insignificant hazards - they are only marked on the designated developing ones.  However, if too many unnecessary responses are made within a very short time, a score of zero might be allocated for that clip.

The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75.  You will be given the results of both tests within a few minutes of completing the hazard perception part.  If you pass you will be issued with a pass certificate that is valid for two years.  The practical test must be passed within this two year period, otherwise a further theory test will have to be passed.

Road sense will help you prepare for the hazard perception part of the theory test.  It is available as an interactive DVD or video.


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